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The Criticality of Branding

Branding is SO very critical.

While your content creator should present you with a host of qualities, five of them are non-negotiable.


You may be thinking, ‘duh’. But beyond knowing the difference between a contraction and a possessive, it can be surprising how some of the finer aspects of substantive writing are absent from the work in favour of completion speed.


Has your content creator written any books? Published articles in magazines or online publications? Have they written about a wide breadth of topics? Do they have previous experience with paid writing gigs they can back up with testimonials?

Wit and Imagination

Writing is an artform, not a task that can be trusted to artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is fantastic at aggregating information from around the Internet, but it lacks flair and colour in telling a story. And ChatGPT can’t be faulted for this fact – after all, it’s a soulless machine. AI will never be able to truly emote, or employ a brand of wit that will make us snicker.   

Attention to Detail

Writing critical pieces can be like performing a tightrope act – attention to detail is of the utmost importance, and one mistake can mean the end. When facts are conveyed inaccurately, branding you’ve worked for years to build can be irreparably damaged in moments.

Pride in Work

This quality can’t be taught. It’s innate. Is your content creator the kind of individual who will take an exceptional amount of pride in their presentation, understanding the criticality of brand? Would they take the extra time required to incorporate all of the above qualities into your project, and work with you directly to get it right?  

Branding can be destroyed or fortified through content creation. Let’s chat about how Storyphora can help tell your story with skill, imagination, and purpose.


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