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The Guest Is Always The Star

A short while ago, Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean told me, “The guest is always the star”.

I’ve been extremely fortunate over the years to have met folks like Ron while hosting my No Sleep ‘til Sudbury music podcast. In both on and off-mic conversations, he’s taught me a lot about being a good host. But through our discussions he’s also urged me to think beyond the immediate stuff, about larger considerations - like empathy. Sincerity. Generosity. Patience. The strength in being unafraid to share emotion.

Through demonstrating these traits in my company, he reinforced his axiom with a resonance he likely didn’t even realize.

Your ‘guest’ isn’t just the person sitting across from you on your show. It’s your friend. Your co-worker. Your kid’s teacher. It’s every person you interact with.

And the guest is always the star.


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